SleeperHold: “Fall of the Queen!”





Its the talk of the town!  After running her mouth, Lizzy Hamilton learns that she is not nearly as strong, or as bad as she thinks!  No one knows how they got here, but Sugar has Lizzy center ring, locked in an air tight sleeperhold, and Lizzy isnt going anywhere!  Lizzy turns from beet  red, to a not so flattering shade of purple as Sugar holds the California Queen hostage in her legendary Sleeper!  Not much for Lizzy to do but be embarrassed infront of her sister and fellow lady wrestlers.  Finally the blonde goes limp and Sugar releases her.  Lizzy hits the canvas like a bag of hammers.  Id imagine Sigar is done, but she rips Lizzy to her ass by a gob of blonde hair, and slaps on another agonizing sleeperhold!  And, repeat!


Length: 5 Minutes

Size: 479 MB