“Ring of Jobbers!” 2





It’s fight night at the MMW dojo!  And Sugar is in town!  She has challenged not just one, but TWO women to wrestle her at the same time!   Her opponents, the GORGEOUS blonde and brunette, bubble butt team of America’s BEST Jobber! Alexandria Hamilton, teamed up with blonde amazon beauty Awesome Laney Dawson!  The two California dolls make their way to the ring, both wearing the shiniest of thong leotards, tucked snuggly in their round bottoms!  Alexandria in Pink, Laney in red!  Alex is wearing knee high, black leather boots, to match Laney’s black wrestling boots and pads.  The two women enter the ring, and its time to wrestle! Laney and Sugar circle each other in the ring, sizing one another up, Laney goes to throw a right cross, straight across Sugar’s Jaw!  But, Sugar catches her hand, crushing it in her vice like grip!  Laney drops to her knees in pain, unable to free her hand from Sugar’s mighty grip!  Sugar continues her assault on Laney, bitch slapping the blonde back and forth, using a devastating eye gouge, bone crushing knees to Laney’s face, all the while keeping a firm grip on a handful of Laney’s thick blonde hair!  Laney manages to tag in Alex, who also tries to send a big strike across Sugar’s jaw, only to also have her hand caught, while Sugar sends 5 bare knuckle, head snapping jabs, flat into Alexandria’s nose!  Sugar continues her assault on Alex!  Using an air stealing sleeping, causing Alex to twitch and convulse in complete submission, Alex is fading, her eyes are rolling, Sugar could EASILY end it right now, but, shes having much too fun beating up these fat bottom girls!  She continues mangling Alex, with a camel clutch, a humiliating hair pull, along with more jobber crushing punishment, until she decides to toss Alex out of the ring like yesterdays trash!  Wasting no time, Sugar yanks Laney in the ring by a gob of blonde hair!  Sugar locks on a face crushing face claw, causing Laney to again, drop to her knees in complete submission to Sugar!  Sugar could again, EASILY end it here, but she wants to beat pretty Laney’s face, til shes not so pretty anymore!  Sugar sends another barrage of knees straight into Laney’s nose, KO’ing the blonde just long enough for Sugar to yank Alex in by the hair!  Sugar now has both girls in her grasps, and she could not be happier, as she uses double sleeper holds, double matchbook chokes, double hair pulls, double wedgies, and double skull crushers to beat, abuse, and humiliate Alex and Laney.  Sugar places the team in the corner, beating both of their bellies!  Laney falls to her ass in exhaustion, while Sugar continues her gut busting assault on Alex, sending huge, deep, hard, blows, deep into Alexandria’s soft belly, folding America’s BEST Jobber in half, sending her round, thong clad bottom straight towards Laney, striking her partner in the face with her lovely rear end!  Sugar continues the beating of the amazons, until, in the scuffle of beating two women at once, her nail manages to break, infuriating the mega heel!  Sugar tells the girls they broke her nail, and neither jobber is leaving without being punished!  Convinced it will end her suffering, Alex is quick to comply, throwing herself over Sugar’s knee, presenting her smooth, round, bubble butt, staring at Sugar from each side of her metallic, pink, thong leotard.  Sugar wastes no time, VICIOUSLY sending several, 100% REAL, HARD, PUNISHING spanks, across Alexandria’s poor exposed jiggling booty cheeks!  There is nothing sensual here, as Sugar purposely tries to inflict pain on her victims!  Alex is freed, and flees the dojo crying, and telling Laney shes sorry for abandoning her!  Is Laney’s bottom about to be punished like her partners?  Download to see for yourself!


Length: 13:03

Size: 1.34 GB