“Regarding Megan!”







After a horrific loss to Alexandria Hamilton, and Athena Law, Irene Silver is back at the MMW dojo, and determined to avenge her losses by calling out wold wide phenom, and MMW Powerhouse, Megan Jones!  Megan Jones enters and immediately scoffs at the fact that she has to wrestle Irene.  Mocking the Arizonian, saying this wasn’t even worth her time.  The bell rings and the match is on!  Megann takes early control, punishing Irene from the lockup before sending her to the corner to destroy her belly with devastating shoulder strikes.  Megan is in complete control, and in an instance finds herself in the corner, enduring the same punishment!  Irene reverses and destroys Megans midsection, sending the her to the canvas in pain.  Megan is helpless as Irene proceeds to punish her for the remainder of the match, dominating the Tennesse bombshell, bending, twisting, kicking, stomping, slamming, and brutalizing Megan from pillar to ringpost!  Hair pulling, camel clutch, back breaker, scissorholds, guillotine, boston crab, rope work, and more!  Will the match take another turn, or will Irene  avenge her name?  Download to find out!



Length: 12:42

Size: 1.1 GB