“California Jobbers!”






Bella Ink travels across the country to team up with West Coast Barbie, Platinum Fury and challenge Alexandria Hamilton and Athena Law for a shot at the MMW Tag Team Titles!  Alex and Athena are not new to Platinum’s style and are confident that if they can keep Platinum in the ring as much as possible, that they can evade having to lock up with Bella, who has a reputation for being merciless!  The bell rings and the match is underway!  Non-Stop action as Alexandria, and Athena’s plan goes right out the window.  Multiple tags from both teams, tons of action from every girl, tons of back and forth, tons of 2 vs 1, punches, kicks, submissions, and slams, the war rages on in the corbers, against the ropes, and center ring!  Vicious hairpulling, snap mares, camel clutch, sleeprhold, back breaker, surfboard, bow and arrow, bonzai drop, scissorholds, bearhug, low blows, boston crab, schoolgirl pin, headloccks, pedigree, matchbook pin, and more!   Which team earns a shot at the title?  Download and see!



Length: 13:41

Size: 1 GB