POV “Rainy Day Beatdown!”


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Bikini-clad, Alexandria, is not in the mood to go to the MMW Dojo today.  Instead, she convinces you to spar indoors. You agree and in an instant make Alexandria regret her decision!  Not giving the ultra-sexy SuperPAWG a chance to take a stance, you nail her with a stiff right jab that stuns America’s BEST Jobber, setting her up for a painful beating that she won’t soon forget!  Jabs, uppercuts, body shots and belly punches, you demolish Alexandria, putting her against the wall to batter her big, sexy, bouncy breasts, using them as speedbags to torment and humiliate the cocky brunette!  Alex is fed combo after combo and eats flurry after flurry!  Multiple knockdowns set Alex on the couch for a sexy belly beating!  Alex makes it to her feet but is repeatedly folded over, showing off her cheeky, red, lace panties, making it irresistible to not box up her phat butt cheeks!  A final haymaker lays out the hot MILF across the couch!  Winner, YOU!




Length:  8 Minutes

Size:  819 MB