POV: “PAWG Slaughter!”





Ever meet a girl with a bad attitude, and you just want to punch her square in the nose? Enter Alexandria Hamilton! Gorgeous baby face, round bottom jobber, talkin’ all kinds of trash! Sure she looks sexy with her boxing booty shorts riding up her thick booty. But the only plans you have for that ass is to whoop it! And boy o boy do you! Alex is gonna need ice after the beating you giver her! You pummel her gorgeous face mercilessly, shutting her mouth and lumping her up! Alex’s tone changes quick as her taunts turn to grunts and moans as you feed her blow after blow, snapping her head back! The hair is flying as Alex eats shot after shot, getting her head knocked back and forth like her neck was made of rubber! From beginning to end you destroy the PAWG jobber with an onslaught of two handed combos! Right, Right, Left! Right, Left, Right, Left! Alex has no time to breathe or recover. And how can she? With you beating her large chest and destroying her soft belly with hard, deep, belly punches! Alex is cornered multiple times while you use her breasts as punching bags, knocking, and bouncing them around with sharp combos, giving each, then both a painful lesson in bag work. Alex is beaten so bad you wedgie her several times, even bending her over, and using her thick, booty cheeks to practice your uppercuts! Whats more to say. Pure Maledom, Pure Domination. Wanna beat up a cute jobber today? You found the place!


Length: 07:05

Size: 743 MB