POV: “Couples Therapy!” 3


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Alexandria just beat the brakes off your wife!  Omg, beat her ass down, then sat on her face!  Your poor wife, suffering under Alexandria’s thong panty-clad, sexy, phat round ass!  So humiliating, you couldn’t get the sight of your wife, destroyed and reduced to a seat for Alex!  You challenge Alex!  Alex is in her room when she accepts your challenge, stripping down on the spot, she makes her way to the ring where she proceeds to beat you silly in front of your wife.  Mocking you with trash talk, feeding you combo after combo before giving you a final KO blow!  Think she’s done?  Not yet.  Alex takes her place on your face, such a nice comfortable seat, as she flexes for the camera over her fallen foe!




Length: 11:23

Size: 1.17 GB