POV – “Bikini PAWG Beatdown!”


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Alex shows up in her bikini for a fun training session only to be greeted with a humiliating, crotch smashing, boob beating, jaw and belly busting beatdown!  From beginning to end you absolutely dominate Alex, beating her senseless with a barrage of punishing combos, feeding her jabs and hooks, pummeling the sexy PAWG with ease!  She moans and groans and feebly attempts to answer back but is met with more punishment!  Against the wall, center room, and spread out on the couch, Alex is handled with stiff combos, belly and body shots, boob punching and horrific crotch shattering low blows!  How much punishment can you dish out to one bikini-clad PAWG?  Download to find out!




Length:  10 Minutes

Size: 1 GB