“Top Contender!”






It’s another MMW Slugfest when Irene Silver meets Stella Dannyy, center-ring to square off in one of the hardest hitting bouts of the year!  Tons of back-&-forth action as the combatant’s trade and exchange.  Jabs, body shots, uppercuts, belly punches and more!  Against the ropes, center ring and in the corners, the battle rages on!  Eventually, one girl’s hands find the mark a few too many times, stunning and staggering the weaker boxer, setting her up for the final barrage of punishing flurries and a KO haymaker that lays out the loser for the 10-count and victory pose!  Which bikini boxer will walk out with their opponent still flattened on the canvas?  Download to find out!




Length: 13:41

Size:  1.40 GB