“Piledriver, Blonde, Facesit, & Thong!”




What more can you ask for!? Thick blonde, Thick brunette, two shiny thongs, and a fight is a brewin’! Laney and Alex take turns punishing each other, both girls send agonizing holds, scalping hair pulls, and ring shaking power moves, straight at one another! From the sexy lockup to the struggle that insues, watch all of the bitch slaps, spanks, corner work, belly punches, chokes, slams, KO’s and pins! Each girl securing a bootyful face sit on her victim! However it is the final tombstone piledriver that sends one girl to dreamland, and puts her in perfect position to have her pretty face, used as a seat for the dominant victors, thong clad booty! May the best girl win!


Length: 11:49

Size: 1.22 GB