“Only in Dreams!” 2





What is happening here!? Sugar! The mighty Sugar! Destroyed! By muscle queen, Andrea Rosu! Andrea KO’d Sugar before the camera even starts! We find Sugar laid out, and being used as a seat for Thong clad, bare legged, Andrea Rosu, posing above Sugar, flexing her arms above the woman she just KO’d! But Andrea is FAR from finished, as she spends the next several minutes, dominating, KO’ing, and beating Sugar senseless! Pinning and posing abover her at every chance, forcing sugar to kiss her biceps and knuckles! Sleepers, skull crushers, KO punches, belly punches, hair pulling, face sits, and scissor holds, are just a few of the tools Andrea uses to humiliate Sugar! How much punishment can Andrea dish out!? And how long can this beating last? Something seems off!? Watch to the very end!


Length: 10:17

Size: 994 MB