“Panty Pro Wrestling!” 5






It’s the 5th installment of the ever-popular Panty Pro Wrestling series!  Today, Alexandria is to face off against Capitol City newcomer, Wendy Watson.  Alex is in her sexy, tight, mint green dress before it’s time to gear-up.  Today’s gear, gorgeous, teal, satin, tong panties, with a lovely matching bra.  White pads boots and wraps.  But first, Alex must get out of her housewife gear, slipping out of her dress, it’s as if she’s already prepared to wrestle as she reveals her ultra-hot, full back, violet satin panties and bra.  She slips into her wrestling gear and heads out the door!  Cut to the MMW Dojo, Wendy enters in her classic, purple, cotton, full back, Hanes panties and white bra, boots pads and wraps are ready.  Alex enters and the two women have a long stare at each other from across the ring.  The bell rings, the women circle, they lock-up, and this match is on!  Wendy has already made a reputation for herself as a brawler.  Alexandria’s technical pro wrestling seem to do little to stifle Wendy’s constant attacks.  After a big knee to Alexandria’s sexy, soft, jobber belly, Wendy proceeds to punish America’s BEST Jobber in very convincing fashion!  Tons of pro-style action, dirty tactics, and classic squash match antics grace your screen as Alexandria is destroyed and beaten from pillar to ring post with vicious hair pulling, armbars, armlocks, leg locks, ring-shaking slams, painful submissions, and devastating strikes!  Steiner recliner, camel clutch, bow and arrow, surfboard, crossface, guillotine, rings of saturn, bearhug, scissorholds, skull crusher, rope work, corner work, pedigree, stunner, snap mare, schoolgirl pin, and much more!  A final sleeperhold and leg-hook pin ends the night for Alexandria she lay beneath the boot and victory pose of the stronger woman, Wendy Watson!




Length: 19:26

Size: 2 GB