“Stinkface Love!”






Gia Love is ready to make her MMW Debut!  She decides to call out MMW CEO herself, and America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton!  Alex has met many a woman in the MMW Ring and has yet to turn down a challenge.  Ready for a good ol’ fashion wrestling match, Alexandria enters the MMW Dojo all smiles and ready to lock-up!  Gia has different plans for the night, as she is set on making sure every MMW girl sees her use Alexandria’s pretty face as a seat for her sexy booty!  The bell rings, the ladies lock-up, and the match is on!  Gia takes immediate control and in an instant, Alexandria finds herself being dominated by Gia’s Stinkface!  Alex is helpless and unable to defend.  Gia senses that her opponent has lost the will to fight and spends the duration of the match humiliating the NorCal jobber with Stinkface after stinkface, ass smother after ass smother, and facesit after facesit!  Will any of the local girls ever look at Alex the same after seeing get destroyed by Gia?  A final sleeperhold puts Alex flat on her back in perfect position for Gia to strike a spine-tingling victory pose above her fallen, weaker foe.  Match, Gia Love!




Length: 11:51

Size: 1 GB