“O Snap!” 4





Its MMW Vs. LuchaGirls when Vulcana shows up to the MMW dojo to challenge MMW CEO Alexandria! Its been a year of trash talk between these two California beauties, and they have been waiting to sink their claws into each other! And finally, the time is here!  Both girls don thong leotards, Vulcana pink. Alex, blue. And the fight/BEATING begins! Vulcana makes Alex pay for, and eat, every word she has said over the last year! Stunning Alex right off the bat with a HUGE right hook, straight to Alex’s jaw, knocking her cross eyed and silly! From that moment Alex is overwhelmed and dominated with multiple back breaking, bone bending, leg locks, chokes, and painful holds. Vulcana uses the ring post, ropes, and outside mats to aide in her destruction of Alex, almost bending Alex in half with a spine crushing boston crab outside the ring! Vulcana even utilizes the steel chair, smashing Alexandria’s leg to bits! Finally, a camel clutch puts Alex in position for Vulcana’s morbid lifetime finishing maneuver!


Length: 11:26

Size: 1.17 GB