“My Little Footgirl!”







Platinum Fury is stretching in the ring when Alexandria storms in upset that her husband has subscribed to Platinum’s fan site, and is one of her footboys.  Alexandria is furious that her husband has been spending money on Platinum’s feet. When she exclaims “what the hell is a footboy anyways?”  Platinum grabs her by the hair and drags her into the ring to give her an up close and personal lesson in what a footboy is, because she is about to be a footgirl!  Platinum clad in sexy white 2 piece wrestling gear.  Alex in only a tight red dress, Platinum proceeds to dominate, humiliate, and destroy Alexandria, repeatedly using her bare feet to show her what a foot slave is.  Platinum wastes no time pulling Alexandria’s dress up, exposing her sexy pink satin panties, Platinum uses submissions, slams and more to punish her thicc brunette opponent, continually exposing Alexandria’s round bottom every chance she gets, and giving Alex a point blank view of her sexy bare feet!  Rear headlocks, camel clutches, surfboard, bow and arrow, vicious hairpulling, back breakers, pedigrees, low blows, spanks, wedgies, matchbook pins, scissorholds and SO much more!  After the brutal assault Alex is put in a rear naked headlock where she is given the ultimatum to kiss Platinum’s feet, or go to sleep.  Alex cries out that she gives up and is then to pay up.  Alex bows on all 4’s, exposed booty for all, and begins to kiss, sniff and admire Platinum’s bare, sexy feet.




Length: 09:38

Size: 1 GB