“Look What Kristie Did!”







Kristie Etzold makes a painful example of Platinum Fury in this ultra sexy, blonde barbie squash match! Platinum is caught off guard when Kristie sneaks up from behind her and locks her into a brain squeezing skull crusher! Making Platinum fall to her knees, setting the foundation for what may be Platinum Fury’s most humiliating defeat yet! Kristie punishes Platinum, beating her from pillar to ring post with punches, kicks, stomps, and crippling punches. The assault continues as Kristie bends and twists Platinum into jobber pretzel with sleeperholds, grapevine pins, rear naked chokes, camel clutch, surfboard, hair pulling, nerve holds, arm bars, boston crabs, and more! Platinum is helpless as Kristie applies a final submission, knocking out Platinum for the win! Kristie has made her point!




Length: 09:52

Size: 1.02 GB