“Laney’s Lesson!”




It’s finally time!  Athena Law, and Awesome! Laney Dawson!  Have arrived, they are in the same building, and are slated to fight one another, 1 on 1, TODAY!
Laney has been making waves!  Walking into MMW, and in less than a week, picked up BIG wins against MMW poster girl herself, Alexandria Hamilton, in the sexy squash match clip “Heel before Me!”  and the other win against world renowned, female fighter, Megan Jones!  Literally stripping Megan of her wrestling attire and forcing the blonde amazon to eat the remainder of her beating in nothing but her bra and panties, all in front of her fellow competitors,  in the clip “Squashed by the Rookie!”.  Among all this buzz, There is Athena Law, the Amazon Mangler!  MMW bad girl! Mega heel! MMW Boxing Champion!  Athena Law is one bad, tough, bitch!  And, shes tired, SO tired of hearing Laney Dawson this, and Laney Dawson that!  Athena wants to show everyone that Laney is not as tough as she makes herself out to be, and o my goodness, does Athena ever showcase what a non threat Laney is, brutalizing the amazon blonde in an embarrassing, one sided beat down of a squash match!  Athena uses vicious face strikes, scalping hair pulls, face mangling face slams, neck snapping clutches, face contorting fish hooks, crotch smashing stomps, back breaking back breakers, eye bulging belly punches, humiliating panty exposing wedgies!  Air stealing sleepers, throat crushing head scissors, among a vast arsenal of further jobber humiliating punishment!  Laney is completely out classed, our struck, and out wrestled, by the Vicious Athena!  Athena takes vast pleasure in the moaning and groaning of her jobbers! She feeds off of their pleading and begging!  And Laney is no hero!  As she sobs and cries throughout Athena’s horrific assault!  Some of the MMW girls can be seen in the background, watching in a silent shock, hoping so dearly they never have to face this woman, Athena Law.  They came to see the up and coming Laney, shock the world yet again!  Although the only shocking  aspect of the match, is the severity of the beating fed to the blonde Awesome one.  Laney is down and about out.  Athena is looking in to the camera, fixing her hair, not at all concerned with the woman she battered that is laying in the ground behind her. However in a beaten stupor, Laney rises to her feet, only to be sat right back down with a VICIOUS right hand to the jaw!  Again she gets up, in a bewildered beaten stumble, but is yet again sat down by the merciless Athena.  A final sleeper hold puts an end to this lop sided beating that we are forced to call a contest.  The annoying buzzing has stopped.  Laney is walking with her head down these days,   It is very awkward seeing Laney around the dojo after such a beating, no one has mentioned the fight in front of her.  But you have to opportunity to see this Jobber Vs Heel lovers DREAM of  squash match!  As you witness the complete beating and humiliation of Awesome! Laney Dawson!
Length: 14 Minutes
Size: 1.46 GB