After a long wait, Kristie Etzold finally gets her shot at the MMW badgirl, Athena Law!  Kristie is convinced Athena has been ducking her after Athena has conveniently had other obligations every time Kristie visits town.  However, this time, the two California cougars will finally wrestle for West Coast dominance!  This is a total squash as Athena is laid to waste with ease at the hands of the legendary SoCal bruiser, Kristie Etzold!  Athena is humiliated as Kristie pummels her on her home turf with leg locks, slams, strikes, and all the dirty tactics she can work in!  Vicious hair pulling, guillotine, sleeperhold, headlock, wedgies, armbars, scissor holds, pedigree, stunner, bow and arrow, low blows, bearhug, corner work, rope work, back breakers, and TONS more in this instant classic, jobber vs heel, classic showcase!  Too much to unpack, only seeing the clip can convey the old school brutality Athena experiences at the hands of Kristie!

Length: 13:05

Size: 1.2 GB