“Jobber Rubble!”





No entrance, no bell. Alex isn’t even geared up yet, and finds herself trapped against the ropes, her arms held behind her back by Laney Dawson, and Jezabel Romo pummeling her soft belly! It’s not long before Jezabel and Laney have stripped Alex or her clothes, as they lay down a ruthless 2 vs 1 beating on poor Alex. Total domination as Jezabel and Laney take turns beating up Alexandria’s poor belly, yanking her around the ring by her hair, and exchanging slams, chokes, scissors, face punches, low blows, and sleepers. And so much more. Jezabel even stripping down to her bra and panties, mocking Alex, bouncing her booty off a defeated Alexandria’s face. After a marathon more of bends, twists, camel clutches, face claws, wedgies, and spanks. It’s Laney who rips Alex to her feet by her hair, delivering a ring smashing choke slam, followed up by Jezabel with a HUGE splash! The mean vicious girls repeat this several times until Alex is a limp mess. Laney and Jezabel take turns leg hook pinning and counting out Alex, awarding this lop sided contest to the team of Jezabel Romo, and Awesome Laney Dawson!


Length: 09:43

Size: 1 GB