“Face Buster!”





What a Pro Match! And what a lop sided battle! Poor Alex woke up that morning ready for an honest match, having no idea what Athena Law was going to do to her pretty face that day. Ding Ding Ding! The bell has rung! Both girls looking sexy in their tight, cheeky pro gear. Alex offers to shake Athena’s hand as a sign of good sportsmanship, but Athena has no plans on having a sportsman like contest. Athena kicks Alex in the stomach, and sends her face first, flattened to the canvas! From there, Athena goes on a face beating rampage. Beating America’s BEST Jobber silly, and destroying Alexandria’s gorgeous face! Athena finds anything she can to smash Alexandria’s face into! Ripping Alex to her feet and dragging her around by her hair. Athena uses the ring canvas, turnbuckles, outside mats, ring apron, walls, the door, and ringposts to smash Alexandria’s face into. Finding a table, Athena throws Alex face first THROUGH the table, smashing it to bits, along with every bone in Alexandria’s face! Athena finds a steel chair, but not so she can take a seat! As Alex is thrown multiple times, face first into the steel chair! Alex AND the chair are thrown into the ring, where Athena continues her face smashing assault! How much more can Alex take? Athena removes the turnbuckle pads from the corner, pounding Alexandria’s already smashed face into the steel hooks! What else can Athena possibly do to poor Alexandria? And how much more can Alexandria withstand?


Length: 11:20

Size: 1.18 GB