“I, Djinn!” 2






The mysterious bruiser, Djinn, returns!  This time, her sights are set on MMW Phenom, and California Muscle Barbie, Platinum Fury!  Djinn is far from impressed by Platinum’s record, and plans on showcasing her skills by dominating the so-called ‘strong woman’!  The bell rings and Djinn takes immediate control!  A painful standing guillotine softens up Platinum, making the sexy blonde writhe in her thong leotard, a stiff forearm to the back sends her plummeting to the MMW canvas, setting her up for a stiff beatdown she has yet to experience!  Vicious hair pulling, dirty tactics, humiliation as Platinum is continuously ripped to her feet by wods of thick blonde hair!  Strikes!  Slams!  Submissions and more!  Camel clutch, back breaker, corner work, belly punches, rope work, boston crab, bow and arrow, headlock, splashes, clotheslines, bonzai drop, stunner, snap mare, surfboard, arm wringer, hot shots, schoolgirl pin and more!  What a beatdown!  A final KO finisher ends the night for the Barbie, awarding Djinn the win, continuing her undefeated record!  Djinn binds a battered Platinum to the ropes after a humiliating victory pose, leaving the blonde helpless and defeated in the MMW ring!




Length:  10:21

Size:  1 GB