“How We Pro!”






Alexandria Hamilton dons her favorite black one piece leotard, a favorite of hers for squashing cocky jobbers!  Her opponent, gorgeous, long legged, Harper Rose, Bikini clad, and barefoot, and ready to lock up to climb higher in the MMW rankings!  The two girls lock up and it is not long before Alex kicks in to full heel mode!  Harper has no choice but to endure until Alexandria finishes her.  Alex pummels bikini clad Harper around, beating the sexy rookie from pillar to ring post, continuously ripping her up by the hair to serve her more punishment.  Vicious hair pulling, kicks, punches, stomps, low blows, surfboard, hammerlock, camel clutch, bearhug, stunner, face buster, pedigree, rope work, corner work, wedgies, submissions, and chokes!  Harper is ragdolled mercilessly until a final onslaught on punishment ends the night for our lovely Harper!



Length: 11:34

Size: 1.17 GB