“Haymakers!” 2






My, how the mighty have fallen!  Athena Law, the former MMW Boxing Champion and at one time the most feared woman in the industry is utterly laid to waste in possibly her most humiliating beating she has ever suffered in the MMW Ring!  Watch as the seasoned a MILF gets pummeled into oblivion by 21-year-old Faith Shalynn!  An epic and instant-classic beatdown pitting the destructive rookie, Faith, against the sexy panty-clad vet.  So much humiliating destruction as Athena is reduced to a grunting punching bag!  Multiple knockdowns, hair whipping, head snapping jabs, belly punches, uppercuts, body shots and more!  You’ve never seen Athena punished so decisively!  A final haymaker ends the night for the battered weaker woman, putting Athena flat on her back as a triumphant Faith poses over her defeated body!  Match, Faith!



Length: 15:15

Size:  1.56 GB