“Hair Pulling Bully!”


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Alexandria Hamilton and Athena Law show up to work ready to record some wrestling match but find themselves waiting for the production crew in just their bra and panties, along with some SEXY lace garters!  Alex is perplexed as to why they are not dressed in wrestling gear.  Athena believes they may be having a catfight and not a pro wrestling match.  This does not sit right with Alex as she would have done her hair differently had she known there was a catfight on the card.  Athena asks if Alex is afraid to catfight her to which Alex laughs.  Athena is not happy that Alexandria thinks she could beat her in a catfight and in an instant the two lingerie clad women are locked on each other’s hair!  Athena has a bit more catfighting experience and is aware at how weak Alex becomes when she gets her hair pulled.  Athena capitalizes and works Alex to the couch where she spends the duration of the clip dominating, humiliating and destroying Alexandria’s ego by viciously and ruthlessly pulling, ripping, and yanking on Alexandria’s gorgeous, long, thick hair!  Alex is wincing, her teeth are grit, and she pleads for Athena to stop but Athena enjoys tormenting her thicc butt opponent!  How much hair pulling torment can Alex possibly take, and will Athena ever grow tired of punishing her favorite jobber?  Download to find out!




Length: 11:08

Size: 1.13 GB