“Fight or Flight!”




Awesome Laney Dawson, and Claire Voyant FINALLY meet in the MMW ring!
Claire is casting spells upon her fans with her beautiful baby face, coupled with her thick thighs, and round booty!  However, gorgeous blonde bombshell Laney is far from impressed, both women coming off brutal losses to Athena Law, both women in need of a win, and with neither wanting to disappoint their fans, this is sure to be an emotional, highly intense battle!  Both woman put forth a commendable effort, however its Laney who ultimatley uses a KO’d Claire as a footstool for her dominant victory pose!  After punches fly, kicks connect, hair is pulled, bodies are slammed, faces are smashed, crotches are low blowed, belly’s are punched,  and necks are choked, a final sleeper puts an end to Claire Voyant’s night, and also  to any speculation.  It is Laney Dawson who reigns supreme, this time.
Length: 06:37
Size: 666 MB