“Cross Out!”






Lora Cross is slated to face Alexandria Hamilton.  However, when Alex shows up in a dress and informs her that her new opponent is new MMW MegaHeel, Zodiac Queen, Lora realizes her night is about to drastically change!  Lora accepts Zodiac’s challenge and the two lock-up.  Lora is easily overpowered and tossed to the corner where she hits so hard she crumble to the MMW canvas.  This is just the beginning.  Lora gets back to her feet but is quickly and embarrassingly set down again, and again, and again!  It is clear, Lora Cross is no match for the Zodiac Queen.  Knowing this, Zodiac decided to do what she does best.  Punish her opponents!  Alex and Athena as well as others know far to well and are happy it is not the (again) in their with Zodiac as they watch her pummel poor Lora from pillar to ring post!  Hair pulling, strikes, submissions and slams!  Lora is laid to waste and humiliated as Zodiac bends and twists the muscle queen in to a moaning begging jobber!  Lora is pinned multiple times but Alex urges Zodiac to keep up the pain!  After a ‘final’ pin.  Zodiac is distracted as Alex is telling her to keep beating up Lora.  Lora sees an opportunity and delivers 10 devastating low blow’s to an unsuspecting Zodiac!  Zodiac Queen is stunned and Lora takes full advantage, pushing Zodiac to the corner and feeding her a stiff beatdown!  Zodiac stumble out were she is greeted with a ring-shaking face buster!  Alex cannot believe what she is seeing as Lora puts Zodiac in position for a splash from the ropes!  BAM Lora hits it and gets the Pin!  Unbelievable!  Winner, Lora Cross!




Length: 16:49

Size: 1.7 GB