“Cage Match!”




What an AMAZING battle You are about to witness! Two SEXY milfs, PAWGS, whatever You choose to call them, We have Alexandria Hamilton, America’s BEST Jobber! Vs. Awesome Laney Dawson in a barefoot, all out brawl! Laney in a Purple one piece, and Alex in a gorgeous blue one piece, both girls make their entrances in their sexy jackets, Alexandria sporting a championship belt. They climb into the cage and go to their respective corners. The bell rings and this back and forth, give and take battle is underway! The two girls circle eachother, sizing one another up. They lock up, and after sending a clean knee into Laneys belly Alex takes control, She controls Laney around the ring using classic, dirty, pro tactics, all designed to punish Laney! Alex uses arm ringers, choke holds, surfboards, headlocks, hammerlocks, hair pulling, punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and stomps! Alex uses the corners, ropes, and the cage! Grating Laneys gorgeous face across the chain link, and tossing Laney face first into the cage, back and forth using handfulls of Laneys hair to throw her against the galvanized steel! Alex continues with low blows, tow locks, leg locks, knee locks, figure 4 leg lock, belly punching, pedigree slams, snap mares! Alex leaps from the turnbuckles with double hammerfists to Laneys back, sending Her plummeting to the canvas! SO many holds exchanged in this battle! Laney gets control utilizing many of the same tactics! Low blows, hair pulling, slams, chokes, strikes, and TONS more. Laney also utilizing the cage, throwing Alex repeatedly into the cold steel, and grating Alexandrias face across the links. Laney applies a figure 4 leglock which pushes Alex to the brink of submission, but she is able to escape the lock, and the battle continues! Both girls giving 100%. Laney leaping from the turnbuckles, using the ropes and turnbuckles to wear down Alex, but Alex is determined too! Camel clutches, Face slams, STF, scissorholds, rope chokes, stunners, and good ol’ fashion brawling! Alex is finally busted open and begins to stagger. Like a shark, Laney smells victory in the air and pounces! Beating down Alex one last time before making her eat cage again! Alex is done, cross eyed, busted open, and stumbling, Laney gets ahold of Alexandrias throat and picks her up for a final, stiff, chokeslam! Shaking the MMW ring and the combatants thick bottoms! Laney slaps a leg hook pin on a knocked out Alex for the 3 count, and picks up the first ever MMW cage match victory! Laney puts her foot atop a KO’d, busted open, Alexandria, using her limp body as a footstool as she flexes above her defeated, brunette rival


Length: 23:08

Size: 1.62 GB