“Goldie the Jobber!” Harley Hamilton 2




Goldie Blair finds her self on the wrong side of a thorough beating when she dons a.TIGHT, Shiny, Pink Leotard, to Lock up with gorgeous, PAWG wrestler Alexandria Hamilton. In am instance Goldie finds herself outmatched. Straight from the lockup Alex mercilessy beats down Goldie with Punches, kicks, elbows, stomps, low blows, chokes, hair pulling, amd submissions! From surfboards to Belly Punching, Alex takes pleasure taunting and humiliating Goldie by talking the Cougar down amd slapping her ass! Talk about gettinf Your ass handed to You. Alex all but sends Goldie to the morgue with onslaughts of submissions and strikes, bending and twisting a horrified moaning Goldie and pummeling her into a worthless pile of jobber rubble. A final KO gives Alex the victory in this lop sided beatdown!


Length: 11:16

Size: 1.16  GB