“Box About It!” 6






Koven makes her way from Las Vegas to make her MMW Debut against former MMW Boxing Champion, Athena Law!  Athena is well aware of Koven’s rising presence in the female boxing ranks and is ready to put a hard stop to the sexy strikers win streak, as Athena herself looks to climb the ranks back to Championship status, and what better way than defeating one of the most feared strikers in the business!  The bell rings, the ladies touch gloves, and this match is on!  What a back-&-forth!  They circle, they use their footwork to avoid the other, it is clear these ladies have been studying one-another in preparation.  Eventually they begin to trade!  So much action!  Jabs, body shots, uppercuts, combos, belly punches and more!  The heads are snapping, and the hair is flying as each lady launches haymaker-after-haymaker looking for the BIG W!  Multiple knockdowns with each lady tasting canvas!  What a give-&-take!  Only one woman will raise her victorious hand above her fallen opponent!  A final KO uppercut sends the weaker plummeting to the canvas, awarding the winner the KO victory and victory pose!  Did Athena pull it off and stop the up-and-coming phenom, or did Koven add another notch to her belt by besting a former Champion?  Download to find out!




Length:  12:42

Size:  1.29 GB