BEST OF: “Boston Crab!” – Volume 1.






One of the most iconic and painful submissions in pro-wrestling, an absolute fan-favorite, the Boston Crab!  The agonizing back-breaking hold that has made countless women tap or scream their submission! Enjoy an HOUR of sexy, painful, Boston Crab submission holds from DOZENS & DOZENS of Cllips from 2020-2023!  Featuring Alexandria Hamilton, Athena Law, Sugar, Platinum Fury, Harper Rose, Dolly Prescott, Megan Jones, Irene Silver, Paula Diamonds, Joelene Hexx, Bettie Brickhouse, Agatha Delicious, Vita Vonstarr, Lizzy Hamilton, Gia Love, Jezabel Romo, Terra Mizu, Paris Love, Bella Ink, Shelly Martinez, Lora Cross, Sarah Brooke, Shelly the Burbank Bomber, Kristen James, Lois Grain, Andi, Constance, Ashlee Graham, Kristie Etzold and More!




Length: 49:02

Size: 5.21 GB