Beat Up Boxers: Ep. 2 “The Fall of Lizzy Hamilton”






Lizzy Hamilton.  The California Queen.  Blonde PAWG extraordinaire!  Eldest of the Hamilton sisters and an Ultra-MILF in her own right, Lizzy can box with the best of them!  Unlike her younger sister, Alex, Lizzy goes 16-0 with 16 KO finishes!  She is called ‘Unbeatable’.  What a ride!  All until one woman.  Sarah Brooke.  Sarah breaks Lizzy, defeating her decisively and send Lizzy to retirement, but not before the blonde cougar goes on a devastating, Jobberific, 19 fight lose-streak!  Watch the fall of the once-great, Lizzy Hamlton as 19 different women have their way with her in the MMW ring, sending her plummeting to the canvas over-&-over!  From the hard-hitting heavyweights to the feisty lightweights, Lizzy takes beating-after-beating until finally conceding that she no longer has any business in the MMW Boxing ranks!  Scenes from 20 different fights against the toughest ladies including Sugar, Jolene Hexx, Megan Jones, Irene Silver, Platinum Fury, Athena Law, Tovah Nicks, Vixey, Ashlee Graham, Fiesty Feminista, Andrea Rosu, MGN, Sarah Brooke, Harper Rose, Dolly Prescott and Tsunami! How can one woman take so much punishment?  Her last name MUST be Hamilton!  Enjoy and witness the fall of Lizzy Hamilton!




Length: 46:29

Size: 4.77 GB