Beat Up Boxers: Ep. 2 – Platinum Fury






The 3rd installment of the ever popular ‘Beat Up Boxers’ series is here, featuring MMW Superstar, California Muscle Barbie, Platinum Fury!  How can such a strong woman take so many punches!  Imagine being able to say “I knocked out Platinum Fury!”  These ladies can!  Enjoy Dozens of scenes of strong women handling the seemingly strong Platinum! Featuring Megan Jones, KK Qing, Paula Diamonds, Irene Silver, Bella Ink, Paris Love, Ashlee Graham, Sarah Brooke, Constance, Andi, Vita VonStarr, Alexandria Hamilton, Dolly Prescott, Athena Law, Birdie, Tanya, Tsunami, Lady and more!




Length: 44:55

Size: 4.67 GB