“Atomic Heroine!”







DangerMIlF has a plan to both humiliate, and get SuperBJ’s Super-belt off of her sexy waist.  She plans on offering the curvy Heroine some new Superpanties to help her fight crime.  DangerMILF has several pair, including a gorgeous SuperThong!  BJ rejects the thong, adding that “only hussies wear thongs”.  SuperBJ is weary but finds a pair she actually likes.  She removes her belt in order to try them on and DangerMILF attacks!  In an instant SuperBJ finds herself in a sadistic atomic wedgie!  Dangermilf spends the duration of the match humiliating and dominating SuperBJ with horrific wedgie after wedgie and atomic wedgie after atomic wedgie!  DangerMILF removes BJ’s Superpanties and makes her put on the SuperThong.  The torment continues with a painful bearhug thong wedgie!  A battered and helpless BJ is folded over the second turnbuckle after having her Super attire torn from her.   SuperBJ’s royal blue thong panties are exposed and DangerMILF Berades her, mocking her that only hussies wear thongs.  DangerMILF squeezes and jiggles BJ’s phat, round, thong clad booty, humiliating the Superhero before delivering a devastating spanking session on the destroyed Heroine.  DangerMILF climbs outside the ring and grabs a good handful of BJ’s hair, lifting the weak woman’s head so she can see the final KO punch up close.  A final strike leaves BJ hanging over the ropes as DangerMILF makes her exit!


Length: 16:03

Size: 1.65 GB