“To the Tickle!” 3







Gia Love is visiting the MMW Ring and Alexandria is a bit too anxious to try her “new” finisher on the sexy Floridian!  Gia agrees and the two, leotard-clad beauties battle back and forth in a SEXY pro-style, give-&-take war, full of all the hair pulling, slams, submissions and dirty tactics that make a classic women’s wrestling match impossible to turn away from!  Breast smothers, schoolgirl pins, facesitting, grapevine pin, corner work, belly punches, boston crab, camel clutch, and more!  Gia takes the upper hand and turns the tables on Alex, locking the sexy MILF’s legs, removing her boots and socks, and tickling helpless Alex into a hysterical submission!  Alex begs Gia to stop but her pleas fall on deaf ears as Gia pins Alexandria legs above her head and continues her tickle torment!  How much can America’s BEST Jobber take before Gia Love let’s her go?  Download to find out!



Length: 11:06

Size: 1 GB