“Jobber Clobber!” 3






Kristie Etzold returns to the MMW ring to face Lizzy Hamilton in this SEXY, jobber vs heel, classic squash match! After brutalizing Lizzy’s younger step-sister, Alexandria, Kristie wants to add a blonde Hamilton scalp to her ever growing belt! The two lock up, and right out of the gate Kristie takes control with a neck wrenching headlock. Kristie wears down Lizzy before sending a huge shot into Lizzy’s nose, sending the blonde Hamilton to the ground. From here it is all Kristie as she imposes her will upon a helpless squealing Lizzy Hamilton! Classic dirty tactics, humiliating trash talk, stomps, punches, knees, belly punches, vicious hair pulling, scissorholds, chokes, back breaker, bow and arrow, grapevine pin, surfboard, camel clutch, low blows, sleeperhold, multiple pin attempts, and more! Lizzy Hamilton ia laid to waste from her first taste of canvas, to the final victory pose. Match, Kristie Etzold!



Length: 11 Minutes

Size: 1.2 GB


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