“Vulcana Corruption!”





A war of words has broken out between LuchaGirls star, Vulcana. And, MMW bad girl, Athena Law. Both ladies known for their “no nonsense” styles, Vulcana is a methodical competitor, a Dean Malenko in the ring, sporting knowledge of Thousands of holds! Athena Law is a wrecking crew! Stronger than she looks, knowledgeable in many styles, she has a cache of holds of slams, however she prefers throwing strikes, wrecking faces, and ripping hair out! She is one balls to the wall brawler! And now, its time for these two powerhouses to throw down in the MMW ring! Watch this incredible back and forth of pure wrestling as each girl gets her licks in before one is visibly gassed and succumbs to the others onslaught of punishment!


Length: 07:45

Size: 808 MB