“Told Ya!”





Lots of trash talk back and forth, plenty of insults exchanged, social media bouts and tirades, all to end up here! Its finally time for Jezabel Romo and Athena Law to settle their beef, and one of these ladies is about to get the ever living holy hell beaten out of them. A pure, total squash! As one woman loses bad in an embarrassing beat down! Forced to eat every word they had uttered, one lady is clearly out struck, out maneuvered, and plain ol’ out wrestled, Vicious face blows and belly punches, the loser even being stripped of their clothes during the match! Corner work, hair pulling, eye gouges, stunners, face busters, snap mares, chokes, rope, and corner work, camel clutches, spanks, head scissors, wedgies, slams, sleeper holds, (just to name a few) all make up the nights menu for the poor woman on the receiving end of this force fed, lop sided beat down! Which girl will walk out victorious? And which will suffer one of the most humiliating losses of their career!?


Length: 09:20

Size: 985 MB