“Tights, Ref!” 3






The ladies are up to the same ‘Ol dirty tactics as Athena Law and Alexandria Hamilton climb through the ropes for a pro-style, leotard yanking, tight pulling battle!  From pedigrees and hair pulling, head locks and guillotines, submissions strikes and slams, these ladies can’t help but go for the pin with a handful of tights!  So much yanking, pulling and tugging!  So much back-&-forth action, such animosity as neither lady wants to take the L!  Low blows, bulldog, rope work, corner work, wedgies, schoolgirl pins, roll-up pins, leghook pins, and more, finally the weaker woman is put away with her phat round booty in the air, as the superior fighter uses it as a foot stool for her triumphant victory pose!  Which lady will grip the loser’s tights long enough to secure the W?  Download to find out!




Length:  10:11

Size:  1 GB