POV: “Tough Spar!” 2


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Alex is back and ready to work on her footwork, head movement, and striking.  Just a friendly sparring session, or so she thinks.  YOU have different plans, after already convincing her to wear a bikini for your session, Alex dons the headgear and touches gloves all smiles, but her grin quickly fade as you feed her a merciless beatdown filled with punishing combos, body shots, jabs, upppercuts, belly punches, breast punishment, low blows and more!  Multiple knockdowns give you the perfect opportunity to bounce Alexandria’s phat butt around, taunting the MILF as you continue you onslaught of strikes!  In the corners, against the ropes, and center-ring, Alex has no answer to your skill, throwing pitiful strikes in defense, only to be met with jaw smashing blows!  You get Alex on the ropes and remove her headgear, deciding to make her go commando for the duration of the bout!  MORE head snapping, hair whipping punishment for Alex as you continue battering her around the ring all the way up to the final KO and victory pose!




Length:  08:55

Size:  952 MB