“Piledriver!” Jobber Driver!




Laney Dawson embarrasses MMW owner Alexandria Hamilton in her own ring! Alex is stretching in the ring when Laney storms through the ropes, unannounced and Angry! Both women wearing shiny, thong leotards, Laney simply tells Alex she is going to destroy her. From there Laney wastes no time making good on her threats. Grabbing Alex by a gob of her gorgeous long, dark, jobber hair and placing her in the corner. Alex is then overwhelmed with corner beating after corner beating! But lets not forget the TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVERS that Laney continuously feeds America’s BEST Jobber in this lop sided, blonde dominates brunette squash match! Alex is humiliated and KOd. spread out center ring when Laney slaps on a sexy leg hook pin and counts out her own three count! Quick, easy, jobber beatdown! Match, AWESOME, Laney Dawson!


Length: 5;28

Size: 567 MB