“Keepin’ it Heel!”






Harley Hamilton has entered the building, and today, her target is the one-and only, Athena Law!  Why would Athena accept such a dangerous match?  The bell rings and Harley takes immediate control, locking Athena in a neck-wrenching side headlock, before dropping the sexy MILF to the canvas with a rock hard hammerfist!  The duration of the match see’s Athena eating a rare, stiff beatdown, like only the undefeated Harley can serve up!  Vicious hair pulling, hair pulling submissions, and Athena being ripped to her feet repeatedly by wods of her long hair to be fed even more embarrassing punishment!  Strikes, slams and submissions, Harley doesn’t hold back as she punishes Athena with splashes, body slams, pedigree, clothesline, face buster, over-the-shoulder carries, corner work, rope work, elbow drops, camel clutch, airplane spin, belly punches, face smashing knees, bearhug, rear naked choke, low blows, surfboard, bonzai drop, stinkface, crossface, and more!  How much can one woman take?  Harley finds out, as a final KO finisher lays out Athena for the leg-hook pin and victory pose!  Match, Harley Hamilton!




Length:  13:39

Size:  1.40 GB