“Beat the Spit Out of Her!” 6 (Megan Jones)





Megan Jones visits the MMW ring to challenge Alexandria Hamilton in a sexy boxing match!
Both girls get their licks in, With big combos and jab fests, Big belly punches on eachother send the spit flying! Back and forth the brawling continues, and Alex takes the upper hand, using Megans face and head as a punching back! Big head snaps and the hair is flying! Alex sends Megan plummeting to the canvas multiple times! However, Megan makes it back to her feet, but only long enough for Alex to beat her face back and forth again, making the gorgeous blonde amazon spray over and over before taking that final fall that gives Alex the 10 count, and her second KO victory over Megan Jones!


Length: 09:27

Size: 970 MB