“All Job for the Queen!”





Alexandria Hamilton and Athena Law enter the ring ready for their tag team match.  The Zodiac Queen enter’s and the ladies inquire about the whereabouts of her partner.  Zodiac explains that she needs no partner and will easily defeat the two of them on her own.  Alex and Athena laugh at the Queen and accept her challenge.  The match begins, and ass expected, the Zodiac Queen puts on a incredibly sexy showcase of pure dominance in the are of Jobber punishment.  Whether 1-on-1, or 2-on-1, Zodiac is relentless in her mission to inflict pain and humiliation of the Team of phat butt milfs!  Zodiac serves both Alex and Athena a stiff beatdown, filled with vicious hair pulling, slams, strikes, and submissions!  Skull crushers makes the girls chests shake in Zodiacs iron vice.  Each girl receives personal treatment from Zodiac, corner work, pedigrees, guillotines and more!  The match has just started according to the Queen as both ladies are dragged in by their hair and fed a vicious beating like only MMW can produce!  DOUBLE skull crushers, DOUBLE pedigree, DOUBLE snap mare, DOUBLE guillotine, DOUBLE bulldog, DOUBLE WEDGIES, DOUBLE bearhug, DOUBLE stunner, DOUBLE sleeperhold, DOUBLE armbar, DOUBLE back breaker, DOUBLE scissorhold, DOUBLE single leg crab, DOUBLE leg locks, and more!  Zodiac still want to treat each girl special and makes each one watch as she punishes the other as the girls take turns getting bearhugs, steiner recliner, snap mares, and more pain and suffering to add insult to injury.  Not done.  DOUBLE hot shots off the ropes.  Zodiac sets one lady in the corner while she punishes her partners belly causing her to stinkface her own partner!  Zodiac locks a sleeperhold o one and drops her into a schoolgirl pin on her own partner.  Zodiac uses a headlock to trap one partner while she torments the second with a scissorhold.  The description does the clip no justice.  Alex and Athena are put away, ass up, on top of one-another.  What’s more to say?  Match, Zodiac Queen!




Length: 26:25

Size: 1.86 GB