Tired of Winning




Its MAGA Vs. Antifa, and we have the pro wrestling version of each!  Each ready to smash the other into bits!  It’s Antifa Alex Vs MAGA Athena Law!  Both in the mood to kick some ass, and chomping at the bit to be let loose at one another!  The two ladies lock up and waste NO time!  They fight back and forth, exchanging punches, and kicks!  Neither wanting to dissapoint their base, they battle back and forth in a give and take showdown!  Low blows! Slams! Belly Punching! Hair Pulling!  Leg Locks, Sleepers, and Camel Clutches are only a few of the selections the ladies use from their arsenals!  Heads are being slammed into turnbuckles!  Necks are being choked on ropes!  And the trash is being talked NON STOP!  Much like the action, the trash talk is incessant!  The battle, and MAGA Athena fight on, and it is Antifa Alex who begins to gas out, ultimtley succumbing to a big splash from Athena!  a Long 10 count leg hook pin seals the deal, leaving no doubt who the winner is, its MAGA Athena!