Alex enters in a striking, shiny, gold, thong leotardx complete with fishnets and boots!  Athena enters, barefoot, this chick came to fight wearing nothing but her underwesr, as she enters in her black bra and panties!  I guess you fight better when you’re comfortable.  Unfortunately for Athena, her attire will do her no good today, as Alex mercilessy humilaites tue so called bad girl using nothing but belly punches, and stomps to Athena’s gorgeous, exposed, bare feet!  Stomp after stomp, amd punch after punch, Alex teaches Athena why a wrestler should gear up!   Poor Athenas feer are stomped and trampled tp mush, all the while Alex tortures her navel, amd beats her midline silly with hard, deep, gut punches!  Athena is eventually tied to the outside ringpost where Alex continues her bare foot torture!  Stomping more on to Athena’s bare feet, while continuously sending massive, eye bulging blows to Athena’s soft belly!  Alex finishes her work leaving a sobbing, mangled, humiliated amd destroyed Athena, still bound to the ringpost, made to suffer through imense, unguarded pain!