Stomper 13




Alex is back! Wearing her cowboy boots, and a gorgeous, cheeky leotard. And that is the recipe for disaster if you are Athena Law’s feet! Athena, again caught in nothing but her underwear. Is ambushed by a mean Alex! Athena tries to fight back, getting in a few punches, but it’s simply not enough. Alex gets the upper hand and destroys Athena’s bare feet and toes! Trampling, mashing, and grinding away at Athena’s beautiful bare feet. Athena is a sobbing mess, begging Alex to stop crushing and breaking her toes, but Alex is having none of it, as the cruel girl laughs and mocks and humiliates Athena even further. Handcuffing her to the ringpost and wrapping her feet in barbed wire! Athena is helpless as Alex continues torturing her feet. What will possibly make Alex stop inflicting such torment on our panty clad victim?