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We begin With Alexandria, strething in her room, dressed ready for battle! She says how she is not afriad of Saharra Huxly, However she is unaware of Saharra behind her. Before Alex can finish, Saharra has her in a sleeper hold! A look of panic falls upon Alex amd Saharras Massive arm uses little effort in squeezing the fight out of the Jobber. Alex goes out, ass in the air, and Saharra decides to kick back, sitting down and using Alexandrias ass as a footstool! Alex has already Lost, but that wont stop Saharra from torturing her much smaller opponent! Saharra uses BIG boots, bends, and stetches! Saharra punishes the naive woman! A back breaker coupled with belly strikes cause Alexandria’s cries to be forced out! A relentless fish hook causes Alex to moan in horrific pain! Saharra Huxly continues being Saharra Huxly, humiliating the woman wrestler, verbally mockingger az she slams hsr around the hotel room, exhibiting her dominance! The ragdoll session continues as Saharra rips a GOB of Jobber hair straight out of Alexandrias head! proceeding to strangle Alex! Saharra grits her teeth! Torturing Alex as she strangles her with her very own hair! Alexandrias eyes roll to the back of her head and she begins drooling and twitching! No need for a pin, but Saharra wants one anyways! Folding the jobber in half and pinning her feet down with a massive size 12 boot, Saharra puts Alexandrias ass to the air in her humiliating Matchbook pin! Match, Saharra Huxly!