Squashed by the Rookie




Megan Jones has one hell of an impressive record, let’s be honest, the girl can fight.  Even after she suffered a KO loss in a boxing match against Alexandria Hamilton, she came back fearless, an absolutely demolished poor Alex in a wrestling match in “Girl, I beat your ass!”.  She has fought TOUGH competition across the globe.  Lately Megan has been hearing ALOT about a blonde newcomer, California Amazon, AWESOME! Laney Dawson!  Whom, made their debut, giving a tip top Alex the beating of her life, in “Heel before Me!”  a beating many women took note of, giving Laney and instant reputation as a genuine competitor.  However, Megan is far from impressed, having handily beaten some of the world’s best female fighters, she has put many “next big thing” ladies to sleep, and now, she wants Laney Dawson!  Laney is quick to accept the challenge, and this barefoot ladies wrestling match is on!  The two blonde women enter the ring in their one piece leotards, there is thick tension in the room, the women decline the pre match stare down, as they shoot daggers at each other from their corners.  The bell sounds and the two women go to meet in the middle of the ring.  Megan in good spirits offers Laney her hand for a pre match handshake.  But Laney gives her a stiff bitch slap, straight across the face, stunning and dropping Megan Jones to her back!  The match is only 5 seconds in and Megan is already on her back, but not for long as Laney rips her to her feet by a gob of blonde hair, Megan rails back to throw a huge hit, but is caught with a kick right to the gut, folding the amazon over, holding her belly, she drops to her knees, Laney wastes not a second, lifting Megan’s head by a handful of hair, sending a huge right hand, straight to Megan’s temple!  Megan drops again, and so far this match is all Laney Dawson!  Squash Match fans heat up some pop corn, as you are about to witness the complete and total beating of Megan Jones, as Laney out strikes, out maneuvers, and flat out, out wrestles Megan Jones in convincing, dominating, and humiliating fashion!  Megan goes down, but Laney won’t let her stay down, ripping poor Megan to her feet by her hair, over and over, planting her back down to the canvas, shaking the MMW ring, and Megan’s lovely chest, and bottom!  Laney wants to make a point, and send a message to every woman watching, that she is here to be the best, and will easily beat the best!  And, today, she is going to make an example out of a so called “tough” Megan Jones!  Megan is beaten silly, but Laney is far from down, literally tearing Megan’s leotard from her body, forcing the amazon to fight and eat the rest of her beating wearing noting but her bra and panties!  Laney puts a whole new meaning to the phrase, beating the pants off of someone, as she literally beats Megan out of her wrestling gear, tossing her out of the ring on to the outside mats for sleeper holds, belly torture, chokes, and ass displaying face grinders!  Megan writhes on the ground, a moaning, beaten, stripped down mess.  Laney circles her, literally laughing at the state she has beaten Megan in to.  Megan is helpless, and is only waiting for Laney to KO or pin her, so she can get her clothes back on, and lick her ego crushing wounds!  How long will Laney make Megan suffer at her hand?  A final sleeper hold and pin place one woman under the others bare foot, and under their mighty victory pose.  Which woman will go on to strike fear in other women’s hearts  And, which woman will be forced to explain away an embarrassing lop sided loss?