Scream and Sugar *3*




“Scream & Sugar!” *3*

Alexandria is ready for an honest to goodness wrestling match. However, Sugar has other plans, and also has Athena Law at ringside. Alex and Sugar lockuo and immediately its Sugar who takes control! Sugar pummels Alex from pillar to ringpost, punches to the face, belly punches, chokes and slams. Sugar makes sure to share the love, constantly tossing Alex out of the ring, feeding her Athena who greets her with punches, stomps, camel clutches, eye gouges, headscissors matchbook chokes, face slams, and more and more illegal tactics before throwing Alex back in the ring to Sugar! Sugar continues with camel clutches, matchbook holds belly punches, sleeper holds, headlocks, crotch stretches, low blows, rope work, corner work, bitch slaps, and tons more punishment before finally finishing Americas BEST Jobber! However Athena still wants to have fun! Sugar holds Alex hostage outside the ring with a neck breaking guliotine choke while Athena and her take turns wedgieing and spanking poor Alex for no other reason but to embarrass the gorgeous jobber! Match, Sugar!