Alexandria is in San Francisco to audition for a Bay Area wrestling promotion. With so many ladies auditioning, Alexandria is forced to share a room with another grappler, Ms. VeVe Lane! Bored in the hotel room, unaware of VeVes strength and grappling skills, Alexandria watches VeVe stretch. Unimpressed, Alexandria pokes fun at Veves arms. Veve dosent take the comment lightly, a brief argument and Alexandria issues an arm wrestling challenge that Veve accepts! The two wrestlers lock hands, and in what seems like a flash, Veve slams Alexadrias hand to the mat with ease, shocking the MMW champ, and making her second guess her new room mates strength. The two make their way back to their seats, and Alexandria, unable to accept her loss, tells Veve that was just arms, and that Veves headscissor is nowhere near as strong as hers! Cue headscissor challenge! Before she knows it, Alexandrias neck is locked in Veves vice grip like headscissor! Alexandria paws and slaps a Veves thighs, but Veve decides to show Americas Best Jobber several variations of her tight headscissor! Alexandria begs and whimpers in true jobber fashion, the moans and groans just feeding into Veves appetite to dominate! Alexandria submits and the two return to their seats. Alexandria, unable to cope with losing to Veve, issues several more challenges for the durartion of the clip. Including Test of Strength, grappling, boxing, pro wrestling, and even asks for stakes, at one point being forced to kiss and rub Veves feet! in the midst of the fight Veve removes Alexandrias shorts, smothering her with them, making Alexandria “smell defeat” the final Challenge is issued with “loser gets hog tied” as the stake. Alexandria must have forgot that she was rooming with a submission bondage wrestling phenom. Back wrenching moves, scalping hairpulls and Alexandrias screams, make for a humiliating loss in the pro wrestling round. In a flash, Alexadria finds herself bound and hog tied! Veve takes the liberty of gagging the MMW champ, and exits the room, reducing Alexandria to nothing more than garbage for housekeeping to clean up!